YIMCatholic Pandora Radio Channels

The original station: Hildegard of Bingen Radio. When only the best chants will calm you down, or sooth your soul, come here. Be advised, I couldn't modify this station (because it belongs to Webster Bull). So I rebuilt it, renamed it, and planted it with the same seeds Webster used initially. I've added a few things to it and will continue to as time goes by.

The Best of Music for Mondays? Well, sort of. It's called Rare Earth Radio, and just like MfM, it's all over the map. There are so many artists listed that Pandora might blow a gasket trying to figure out what to play. Heh.

How about some classical? Head over to Antonio Vivaldi Radio, where the Red Priest and his friends practice orchestral manuvers in the light.

And for Jesus in the Mainstream type music, give Jesus Just Left Chicago Radio a whirl. You'll be glad you did.