Thursday, September 10, 2009

Because of Faces Like This

I see faces like Ralph McInerny's face every morning at mass. It is the face of a joyful person, a joyful Catholic.

So when I saw this face beaming out from one of my favorite daily reads, Pat McNamara's blog of Catholic history, I smiled. It makes me think of Frank Gaudenzi, of Flo Marchegiani and Maria Maticoli, of Henry and Phyllis, of Barbara and Warren, of Michael and Elizabeth, of Neil and Julie, yes, even of that tireless curmudgeon and my brother in faith, Ferde Rombola. That is, I think of many of my fellow daily communicants at St. Mary Star of the Sea.

This is not the face of an addict who needs a drug to experience joy. It is not the face of a young person hypnotized by electronic media. It is not the face of lust or even the face of euphoria. It is not a thrill-seeker's face. It is not the face of a person in the manic phase of his cycle.

It's the face of a happy Catholic. I know it is, because I see this face every morning at mass.

Pat McNamara's "Quote of the Day" (always worth a look) is from the retiring Notre Dame professor of medieval studies:

In a word, Christianity is historical, the unfolding in time of an eternal plan, with God made man the central figure, our savior.