Tuesday, January 12, 2010

YIMC Book Club Vote — Down to the Wire!

Posted by Webster
There are less than twelve hours left in our vote for the next YIM Catholic Book Club book, and it’s a two-horse race, and it’s nose to nose in the stretch. Make your vote count, citizens of YIMC World! Will it be Hillaire Belloc’s The Great Heresies or C. S. Lewis’s Mere Christianity?

It may help to know who the jockeys are: our own Frank Weathers nominated The Great Heresies and our favorite Chicagoan, Warren Jewell, put up Mere Christianity. Just so you know who you’re betting on.

So—if you haven’t voted yet—and want to make a difference, move your eyes right and your fingers to the mouse. Point. Click. Vote.

And—if you’ve voted already—you’re going to have to get friends with other computers to help stuff the ballot box. Remember, one of the jockeys is from . . . Chicago.