Sunday, March 21, 2010

Because I Am Still But God’s Child

Guest post by Warren Jewell 
You might call this an old man’s prayer, or my prayer on realizing that my mortality is just around the corner. In effect, on my pilgrimage, I may not make the next crossroad, or fork in the road. This prayer is less a pledge of allegiance than an acknowledgment that I am still but God’s child: at times wrong, at times sanctified, but never less than His. 
My Lord God,

As Thou Art, I am. 
I am here only as Thou Art everywhere.

And, Father, Son and Spirit, as I grow to know Thee more and yet more, I have found in Thy graces that to know Thee is to love Thee. Even so, 
I am but Thy poorest disciple, 
O, Thou, Who lovest me from before Thy first thought of me made Thee smile.

I must act as Thou hast acted, in goodness and love. I must serve as Thou servest, in sacrifice and suffering. And, as Thou, my Savior, died to Thyself at Thy Father’s will, I surrender my life to my Father’s will as all accomplishment for what is left of my earthly time.

I cling to Thee always as Thou Art always mine, and there for me that I am always Thine.

I am Thy nothing as Thou Art my All.

Thou makest of the nothing of me Thy glorious masterpiece, and in that is my eternal joy.

In the Name of Jesus Christ. Amen.