Friday, March 12, 2010

For Your Lenten Friday Night at the Movies IV

This is your trusty co-pilot checking in again. We are continuing our slow descent and are currently at 17,000 feet with good visibility, but with reports of some heavy weather up ahead. So for your safety, please keep your seat belt fastened when you aren’t moving about the cabin.

For dinner tonight we are featuring lighter, less formal fare. And it happens to be one of my personal favorites to boot: fish tacos! You can even enjoy a Corona with them (unless you've given up beer for Lent).

The Detective (aka Father Brown) is our after-dinner feature presentation tonight. The plot? Works of art are disappearing, stolen by a master thief, who is also a master of disguise. Father Brown has two goals: to catch the thief and to save his soul. Now, Dirty Harry never had saving souls in mind, did he?!

Theatrically released in 1954 and starring Sir Alec Guiness as GK Chesterton's beloved, soul-saving sleuth. Here is a snippet to tease you with, and we hope you enjoy the show.  Thanks again for flying YIM Catholic Airlines.