Saturday, March 6, 2010

Thanks to 100,000 Visitors, and A Question for You

How does a blog go from a black hole in cyberspace to 100,000 visitors in six and a half months? I’m scratching my head here. “Why I Am Catholic” started as one essay written August 17, 2009, in response to a friend who asked why I had converted. Three hundred eighty-two posts later (382), with the help of loyal copilot Frank Weathers and with ground support from guest poster Allison Salerno, this bird is flying.

OK, we haven’t hit the stratosphere yet, but we’re airborne and cruising. What fuels YIMC?

I have two answers: the Holy Spirit and you. I can honestly say that my best posts (and I bet Frank and Allison would agree) have come from one of two places: (1) a voice whispering in my ear and (2) your comments. In the time since Frank climbed aboard on Thanksgiving weekend, we have begun building a small but loyal on-line community. I’d name some of you but don’t want to leave anyone out. Your comments have helped us navigate.

So, thank you all! And now, back to work! Meaning this: Frank and I have been cruising at high altitude during Lent, to make more time for prayer and reflection. But we’re going to be working our way down to fighting altitude as Easter approaches, and I fully expect YIM Catholic to reach 250,000 visitors by the end of its first year.

What are the issues you want us to address? What are you, valued readers, interested in? Please don’t say, MORE BOOKS, unless you really mean it, because right now no one’s commenting on Mere ChristianityOK, not even me—and don’t tell me you’re all in church 24/7 or that you’ve given up reading for Lent!)

We’ve taken up some interesting stuff so far: confession, the liturgy, our varying relationships with the clergy. Many of the issues discussed concern those on either side of the Tiber, that is, recent converts or those considering conversion. We even started a prayer list so we can pray for one another. What are your interests? Any good poll ideas?

Let us hear from you. Help us fly this plane. And thank you for your attention.