Thursday, July 8, 2010

Because Lebron is Not King

I had a choice tonight: to watch “Black Robe” on Netflix or the Lebron James Sweepstakes on ESPN. Where are my priorities—The story of Jesuit saints among the Hurons and Iroquois, or the King of the World, Lebron James, making the Choice that Changed the World? I went with Lebron.

I don't think you can understand The World We Live In if you don't pay attention to the Lebron-Stakes. So many people saying so many empty words about a guy who has never won a game in an NBA final? Are you kidding? This is What It's All About!!!

Let me give you some sound bites. It's 8:53 and the tension mounts: “The King has arrived. We are minutes away from Lebron James announcing where he will play next season . . . Jon Barry, what's the best fit for Lebron? . . . I don't think it's Miami. To me a straight basketball move would be the Chicago Bulls. His Decision is Coming Up Next! . . . At stake, the NBA's balance of power. His Decision, Next!”

In the history of the league, the world, we—have—never—seen—this!

All indications (at 9:02) are that Lebron joins the Miami Heat, but Jon Barry says, “I am really shocked by this, I thought Lebron would join the Chicago Bulls.” And Michael Wilbon says, “Lebron is staying home in Cleveland.” Stuart Scott says, “Not in the history of American sports has an athlete generated this interest!”

Do I really need to go to Mass in the morning?

“Now, he is in the chair. Coming up next: Lebron James will tell the world where He will play next season!”

It’s 9:22 and Jim Gray is with Lebron in Greenwich, Connecticut. . . . Lebron says, “It has been a real humbling situation to be in this position.” Jim Gray says, “President Obama has said seven times that he would like you to go to Chicago” and asks, “When did you decide?” Lebron says, “This morning. . . . I had a great conversation with my Mom . . . and then I was set.”

I give Lebron this degree of credit. In the end, he asked his mother, and his decision was . . . Miami.

You may win the NBA title next year, Lebron, but sorry, Christ is King.

One final note added in the morning, in fairness: In the nearly 30-minute interview that followed his annunciation, sorry, his announcement, Lebron James proved to be a pretty good guy. The problem is not Lebron. The problem is us.