Monday, October 11, 2010

Salsa y Merengue Cristiano Católico (Music for Mondays)

Hola! The world is a mighty big place. I read recently that Catholics in the United States make up only 6% of the world wide population of Catholics. So for this edition of Music for Mondays (Música Lunes), we're going to venture out into the musical world of our Catholic brothers and sisters from Spain and Latin America.

The inspiration for this? Two events: a) The trapped Chilean miners are very close to being rescued(!) and b) on Saturday, in my town, my family and I went to a Latino Street festival. We had great food, heard fantastic music, and saw wonderful dances, and beautiful costumes. We saw lots of crucifixes too. Our kids got their "passports" stamped and visited Spain, Chile, Paraguy, Uraguy, Argentina, Brazil, and every other country in Central and South America.

We ate tamales from Mexico, Brazilian empanadas, Cuban toasted sandwiches, and pastries from Argentina. We drank peach and manadarin orange flavored sodas from Mexico. We were stuffed! After coming home, I wondered what kind of Christian music I could find that brings this culture to life. The problem? I took German in high school and learned a bit of Arabic in the Marines. So I'm clueless about Spanish. But I know what gets my toes tappin' so come have a listen!

Or maybe this happened,

Movie Videos & Movie Scenes at

Not yet amigos! First, the music...

The Artists? I have no idea. The sound and visuals? 10 minutes of Bueno!

The Artists are unknown again (if you know, put them in the comm box!) I like how whoever posted these first three video mixes asks everyone to head to adoration: Do not forget to visit your parish Eucharist Jesus as He is in the tabernacle waiting for you to visit and also completely live via Internet 24 / 7 at: Good advice!

Wow, we burned through 20 minutes already?! Here's another 10 minute mix, merengue this time. I love this music! And the visuals? A great theme featuring our Eucharistic Lord.

Where did the time go?! Hopefully you can stick around because I want to introduce you to Sister Hermana Glenda. Evidently Sister Hermana is bigger than Matt Maher, seeing how her clips are well over the one million views mark, according to the YouTube counters. That's Pink Floyd territory! She's from Chile and for more on her background, let's check this clip (at least the first segment) from Deacon Greg Kandra's crew at Currents in New York City,

And now, check out her beautiful voice,

Sister Hermana Glenda, Nada es imposible para ti (Nothing is Impossible for You).

Sister Herman Glenda, Magnificat. This is fantastic!

Boy, this edition of MfM has my passport burning a hole in my pocket. See you next week.