Friday, January 28, 2011

Thanks To Everyone!

Word has come to me that Eric Sammons has re-published his list of the "Top 200" Catholic Blogs, based on the number of people who subscribe to a blog via the Google Reader. I guess that means through RSS feeds?

Anyway, according to Eric's methodology, YIMCatholic landed in the 36th spot on his list.

So we are blushing now and humbly say "Thank You" to all of our readers! All 523 who subscribe through the Google reader, the unaccounted readers subscribing through other RSS readers, the 740 of you who follow us via Facebook, the 321 of you who follow us via Google Friend Connect, and the 231 who follow us via Twitter. And the daily "one and done" visitors as well (come on back now, ya hear?).

Thanks for following, reading, commenting, and inspiring us. And praying for us too.

Non nobis, Domine, non nobis, sed nomini tuo da gloriam. (Not unto us, o Lord, not unto us, but to Your name give glory. -Psalm 115:1)