Monday, February 7, 2011

Salt and Light, and Vinyl Hits?! (Music for Mondays)

I had a busy day at work today. Afterwards though, I threw together this little eclectic mix for your listening pleasure. First, I found a great song that is post related that I think you will enjoy and a little road movie by Matt Maher to boot.

Then we move over to some vinyl hits, some of which are pretty new. Vinyl? Their still making these?! According to my local newspaper, "Growing popularity of records nationwide is reflected in the local music market." Break out your turn-tables folks!

Jami Smith, Salt and Light. I don't know anything about Jami Smith except that she is a Christian Contemporary artist with this great song that reflects on yesterdays Gospel reading that I posted on. I dare you to not tap your feet and clap your hands to this.

Matt Maher & Co., Life In Technicolor. Just messing around in a music shop in Colorado, Matt and the boys play the band Cold Play's instrumental on a hammer dulcimer, which I had never heard of until today. Then they get hailed on, ride horses etc. A slice of life with Matt and the boys on tour.

Cold Play, Yellow. You know what? My wife has something in common with Matt Maher in that she likes Cold Play too. Especially this song.

Coldplay - Yellow
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Now for some vinyl hits, some old and some not so old. Vinyl...who knew?

George Harrison, Here Comes the Sun. This is probably the Traveling Wilburys, but the song comes from the #1 Vinyl Album of 2010, "Abbey Road" by the Beatles. This song and "Come Together" were the big hits on that album.

Arcade Fire, Suburbs. This song goes to show how much I know, because I never heard of this band either. This is #2 on the Top Ten Vinyl Albums of 2010. It's a pretty cool video from a group named after the Arcade Fire that one of Webster's favorite authors wrote about. Give it a listen,

Black Keys, Everlasting Light. This group is #3 on the vinyl chart and probably the best band you have heard of who you never knew their name. Their music was in the School of Rock?! And other features. Check out the promo,

This is from their album "Magic Potion" released by in 2006. Sound check!

Radiohead, Creep, Acoustic. I shared this last year when J.D. Salinger died. This time around you get the acoustic version. These guys are #3 on the list of Top Ten vinyl artists of 2010.

See you on St. Valentines Day.