Saturday, May 21, 2011

For Reasons Like Missed Raptures

Father Dwight Longenecker hits my interest in this event right on the head,

What interests me specifically about the recent high profile prediction of the Rapture is that I was brought up in a fundamentalist church where dispensationalism was the interpretative key. We had an awful lot of sermons on Bible prophecy and the 'end times'. We were taught that the Rapture was just around the corner, and although our pastor never set a date he always taught that it was 'just about to happen.' Other Christian teachers may correct this misinterpretation of the Bible and correct the theological errors or show the logic to be flawed, but it is really only the 2000 year, living tradition of the Catholic Church which can put such teaching into its true and rightful perspective.

Which brings me to a larger question of private revelation and private interpretation. Mr Camping and his followers are, no doubt, a sincere group of Christian believers who have come to the real and genuine belief that Jesus will come again on May 21. They believe it so much that they have invested in an advertising campaign, given up their jobs to spread the news and they believe it is God's will with all their heart. They are out to convince all who will hear.

Let's pray for the followers of Harold Camping.

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