Monday, February 14, 2011

The 2011 Grammy's and More (Music for Mondays)

So the Grammy's were on last night. Just when I thought my wife was going to force me to watch a new PBS series, instead she made me watch the Grammy Awards.

It wasn't all bad either. Lots of musically talented children of God were there. For instance, two of the selections from the MfM post last week won awards. The Black Keys won "Best Alternative Album," and Arcade Fire won the "Album of the Year." So you see, I wasn't completely in the dark after all!

I can't share all the winners with you here, but I'll give you a taste of some of them. And a few others that are just enjoyable to listen to.

Lady Antebellum, Need You Now. The winner of the Grammy for "Song of the Year" and "Record of the Year." Over the past year, this group has rocketed to stardom in the country segment. They thanked God in front of the whole world, so kudos for that! They also have broader appeal, or they wouldn't have won in this category. If you missed them last night, catch them here.

Arcade Fire, Sprawl II. This band won "Album of the Year" for The Suburbs Truthfully, the song they played on the show was hard on the eyes, what with stobe lights a flashin' and BMX bikes running roughshod all over the stage. This song is markedly better as a showcase for this groups talents. Have a look,

Neil Young, Angry World. The winner of the Grammy for "Best Rock Song." Remember my Neil Young music post? There I reported that Neil had never won a Grammy before and I was left scratching my head. No more, because Neil finally won(!) for this song last night. From his new album Le Noise, we get just Neil, his trusty Gretch White Falcon, and lyrics like these,

Some see life as hope eternal
Some see life as a business plan
Some will go to hell's inferno
For screwing up their life in freedom land

Barbara Streisand, Evergreen. Not this years winner, but Barbara sang this back in 1976 and pulled down a Triple Crown: the Oscar for Best Song, the Grammy for Song of the Year, and the Golden Globe to boot. It's a great song for Valentines Day!

Boz Scaggs, Lowdown.I remember this one from the radio. Boz won a Grammy in 1977 for this song, noted as "the first blue-eyed soul man to receive one for the R&B category." Have a listen and you'll understand why.

Whitney Houston, I Will Always Love You. Remember this one? Written (and sung originally) by Dolly Parton, Whitney won a Grammy for "Album of the Year" in 1994 mainly because of this song from the soundtrack of the movie The Bodyguard. She co-starred with Kevin Costner as a threatened diva. A great song by Dolly and sung beautifully by Whitney. Just in time for Valentines Day too!

Pete Townsend, Give Blood. This song is from one of Pete's solo album's. It didn't win a Grammy but I like it anyway. Great lyrics, and a great Grammy-like performance. Special guest David Gilmore of Pink Floyd on lead guitar. Awesome!

Happy Valentines Day!