Monday, March 28, 2011

Because He's Going to Show Me Even More Than I Can See

The past 24 hours I have spent curled up under blankets, either in our family room or in our bedroom. I am overcome with fatigue and fever and  I've been drinking diet ginger ale and orange juice and praying to feel better soon.

My beloved husband and our sweet sons have been taking care of me, offering me glasses of water, lunch from the deli and kind words. (No, that's not me in the photo. I am not so young, nor do I apply my eye makeup so well!)

All my plans have had to take the back burner: correcting tests, cleaning out the pantry, writing my latest grad school paper, planting seeds indoors for my vegetable garden, calling someone to replace our rain gutters, making dental appointments for the boys, planning lesson units on Dickens, and on and on. Instead, my head is spinning from a virus.  A song keeps playing in my head. It's a song we often sing at my School of Community, which I was bummed to have had to miss tonight.

These words, written and performed by the Bay Ridge Band,  reassures me that no matter how lousy I feel at the moment,  Christ has more in store for me.

"The things that I see, got me laughin' like a baby.
The things that I see, got me cryin' like a man.
The things that I see, I can look at what He gave me,
And He's gonna show me even more than I see."