Wednesday, March 30, 2011

For Must See TV Like This

Who needs the TV Guide when I have New Advent to keep me informed about what is coming on the television? It's a rare night in Casa del Weathers, when something isn't going on to interfere with watching something on TV.

But tonight, we will be free to watch the following special that airs on the History Channel at 9PM (Eastern).

I visited the Vatican once, and all I got was a lousy t-shirt. But that was before I was a Catholic, see. I'm much more interested now. Here is what the folks at the History Channel have to say,

Secret Access: The Vatican provides a revealing look at the inner workings of the Vatican, from the secret archives to the Swiss guards, as well as some of the treasures locked inside. See what is housed under the 110-acre site as an ongoing excavation of an ancient cemetery that the Vatican was built upon uncovers priceless artifacts, including the bones of St. Peter himself. Go inside the Vatican Secret Archives - a collection of rooms and libraries containing some of history's priceless documents. And get to know Vatican security: the top-of-the-line procedures and practices utilized by a combination of Swiss Guards (elite guards to the Pope), Vatican police, and Italian police that keep the Pope and Vatican safe.

And I hear they even speak to the Vatican's astronomer? I'm in!

Here is a video clip for you about tonights program. Check your local listings and tune in.