Monday, March 14, 2011

Four for Now (Music for Mondays)

It has been a rough week. The Lenten season began, and then disaster struck our brothers and sisters in Japan, serving up a ready-made opportunity for our fasting, alms giving and prayers.

Honestly, I started this list last week, but after the tsunami, I lost all desire to play VJ. But these four songs are what I came up with for today. Pray for the people of Japan. Give alms to them if you can. And listen to these songs if you like.

U2, Vertigo. One of our favorite bands around here. This title fits my feeling currently. And the "ash contrails" speaks volumes too.

Stevie Wonder, Higher Ground. Looking for this both physically and spiritually. 'Nuff said.

Matt Maher, 40 Days. I saw this one over at Marc Barnes' BadCatholic. Matt Maher with a solid effort again. And the cartoonist deserves kudo's too.

Aaron Shust, Give It All Away. I included this video on my proposal for Lenten sacrifice. In case you missed it there, here it is again.